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200 Random Facts..
2003-01-28 @ 1:47 a.m.

Uhmm inspired by some's one of those 100 random things about me. Who knows if I'll ever reach 100. Half the stuff I write you'll probably already know from other surveys and diary entries and talking to me, but here I go anyway!

1) I'm extremely bored. This is my reason for starting this in the first place.

2) My name is something or other.

3) My Dad doesn't know how to spell my name and has mispelled it since as far back as I can remember.

4) He also still thinks my favorite color is pink.

5) My parents are divorced and have been separated since I was five.

6) I don't remember them ever living together.

7) I hate my stepmom, Maureen.

8) I love her two kids, Brendan and Kayla.

9) I've never smoked weed before (was that a weird jump?? siblings to weed?).

10) I've never smoked a cigarette.

11) I have lit a pinecone-like structure and smoked that.

12) My mom smokes pot and thinks it's perfectly normal to.

13) I think this is funny.

14) I hate a LOT of things about myself.

15) HOWEVER, I do like some things too!!

16) I think the best year of my life was 5th grade.

17) In 5th grade, a girl punched me in the stomach because I was singing "The Ants Go Marching" or whatever that song is called.

18) I don't know what religion I am.

19) I started a Book of Spells back in 9th grade I think.

20) My mom doesn't remember what religion I was baptized as.

21) I still lie to my great-grandma about getting on my knees and praying every night.

22) I hate lying.

23) I'm also really bad at it.

24) I AM good at snooping.

25) I'm really nosey and want to know everyone else's business.

26) I'm still scared of the dark.

27) I believe in ghosts.

28) I used to wish I would get raped so I could blame my problems on something.

29) I cut myself...for fun..until I realized how stupid it was.

30) I don't hate a lot of things I say I hate.

31) My favorite holiday is Halloween.

32) As Krammy likes to say, I was deprived in my youth.

33) I didn't have cable until like 7th grade.

34) I hate TV.

35) I used to listen to all female pop people (Alanis Morisette, Mariah Carey, Melissa Etheridge, Sophie B Hawkins, Paula Abdul, etc) until 8th grade.

36) Then I listened to Korn...

37) My brother is an alcoholic.

38) So is my Dad.

39) So is my gramma.

40) So is my grampa.

41) And soon to be my Mom as well.

42) I call my mom "mumpa."

43) I never stick up for myself to people I'm not friends with.

44) I love kids.

45) I think they're the only things that can make me undoubtedly happy.

46) I wear my makeup the same way...every day.

47) I want to get married in a tie dye wedding dress.

48) I have a horrible habit of biting my fingers.

49) It's REALLY disgusting (and hurts!).

50) I'm fascinated by hippies and goths.

51) I spend way too much time online.

52) I never want to be famous (or popular).

53) I really love crazy wind before a big thunderstorm.

54) My mom thought I was mentally retarded when I was a baby because I didn't do anything (not even cry!!).

55) I was 11lbs 8oz.

56) I was so fat I looked oriental.

57) I never follow my own advice.

58) I have a really hard time making decisions.

59) I like my toes.

60) I don't care what you say, they're cool.

61) I can't sleep in total silence, but it has to be pitch black.

62) Hearing people breathe really annoys me.

63) I pass out when I get blood taken.

64) I'm not as smart as everyone thinks I am.

65) I have very little common sense.

66) I never know what to do with my hands while walking.

67) I'm very self conscious when I walk.

68) I'm very self conscious when I do anything.

69) Except when I'm drunk...

70) I don't know what to put for this one.

71) Old men are attracted to me.

72) Young men are not.

73) This kinda creeps me out.

74) I don't like any of my shoes.

75) Except for the big drag queen ones.

76) I like psychedelic things.

77) I pierced my ankle once.

78) It got infected...and HURT.

79) My great gramma is only 79.

80) Her name is Lucille Roberts.

81) I don't understand how people can not know how to swim.

82) My dreams always confuse me.

83) I once got hooked on playing Zelda for N64.

84) I never got to beat the game because my brother gave it to someone.

85) After all those hours...I was heartbroken.

86) All other videogames suck.

87) I think being artistic (in any way) makes a guy 100X more attractive.

88) I played piano for seven years.

89) I can't play it at all now.

90) I try to be someone I'm not.

91) I love the artificial scent and flavor of watermelon.

92) I hate real watermelons.

93) I got caught stealing at Bob's.

94) Actually, they caught my friend, I just confessed.

95) I love moshing.

96) I get offended by people who sit down during concerts.

97) I can't dance.

98) I've never been to a club.

99) I love people watching.

100) I've reached 100.

101) I have more things to say, dammit!!!

102) Maybe another time..

103) Goodnight.
Note: I combined the next entry and this one...just to make it easier.. YEAH.

Okay, so now that I finished doing my lil 100 things, I read two other people's 100 things and found like, a bunch more stuff I wanted to write about. Let's just see if...yeah.

101) I don't have a favorite anything--I can't make up my mind.

102) I really like refried beans.

103) I think avocados and guacamole is WONDERFUL.

104) I love wasabi.

105) I refuse to eat anything else spicy or hot.

106) I still don't have my driver's license.

107) I'm afraid of police "persons."

108) I'm afraid of my brother.

109) I'm afraid of my dad.

110) I feel inferior to pretty much everyone. Except for little kids.

111) I touched Dez from Coal Chamber!!

112) I played the clarinet from 3rd-9th grade. I HATE the clarinet (it sounds disgusting!).

113) I was never on a sports team before.

114) I like making paper.

115) I love most all crafts!! (cept for flower arranging!!)

116) The only real job I ever had was at Michael's Arts and Crafts. No one that worked there liked it, but I did!!

117) I get hurt pretty easily.

118) I don't know SHIT about politics.

119) I got a 950 on my SATs in 7th grade.

120) I got a 1320 last year. That upset me cuz I thought it was low.

121) I feel sorry for a lot of murderers and criminals--I don't think it's their fault.

122) I don't feel sorry for George Bush...he's just an idiot.

123) I didn't have a guy as a friend (past 5th grade) until 10th grade.

124) I really liked Undressed...that wannabe cinneporn on MTV.

125) When I used to get bored, I'd draw a mustache and such on my picture on my permit.

126) I can't stand living with my roomate..I need my own space.

127) I'm a bigtime loner.

128) I've been at college since august and have yet to make a friend, go to a party, or go off of campus with anyone other than a family member.

129) It bothers me that I look normal.

130) It also bothers me that people think I look like other people.

131) My dad beat me with a belt...I think that's funny...I really shouldn't...

132) I never used to be able to sleep at night because I'd stay up all night pretending my stuffed animals were real. It got to be such a problem that I was no longer allowed to sleep with stuff animals. This was when I was 9.

133) I ran over myself once while driving a four-wheeler. Don't ask me how it happened. All I know is that I was driving and ended up under it with trackmarks over my ass.

134) I love the rush while driving a fourwheeler.

135) I don't like driving cars.

136) I like being "one" with nature.

137) I've never worn a bikini before..and I don't think I ever will.

138) My cheeks are really fat.

139) I can't sit in a class without doodling. Some teachers think I'm not paying attention. I pay attention BETTER when I'm drawing!!

140) It takes exactly ten minutes to do my hair in the morning. Most days I'm too lazy to do it, however.

141) I never learned how to share.

142) I used to be really strong for a girl. When my brother and I stopped fighting, I became weak again.

143) I masturbate...and I'm not ashamed! I think everyone should masturbate...seriously!!

144) My roomate just ran into the room and scared the living fuck out of me..she yelled "I'm losing my mind" and then ran back out..

145) I still really like coloring in coloring books. Only with colored pencils though.

146) I'm really close to my [big] brother, although he pisses me off...royally.

147) I talk about sex alllll the time.

148) I'm not even that horny.

149) I have collected Bonne Bell Lip Smackers (chapstick) since I was REAL little. I don't remember when, but before they had color on them!! I had 50 at one time once!! Now my collection is winding down.

150) My toenails are ALWAYS painted. My fingernails NEVER are.

151) I had braces for three years (7th-10th grade)..maybe that's why I didn't have any friends.

152) Back in 10th grade, a guy I had a crush on gave me a screw. I mounted the screw in FIMO and still have it. I also still have a can pop top from 10th grade from another boy I had a crush on.

153) The first boy I ever had a crush on, I saw his that a coincidence??

154) I THINK NOT!!!

155) I love the smell of girls in the shower.

156) When I get my first car, I want it to be a piece of shit, and I want to paint the entire outside by hand with a brush..making it beautiful and crazy.

157) I have no desire whatsoever to go to the moon.

158) Occasionally I pretend to have fights with other people out loud to myself. Occasionally I lose these fights, too.

159) I think chokers are really cool.

160) Sometimes I drool...just like sitting there...on accident.

161) I bite my wrist when I'm turned on.

162) I dyed my hair blue-black once and all I got were negative comments

163) I once thought a freckle on my hip was a tick and was so paranoid about it that I ripped off my skin, removing the freckle and what I thought to be the tick.

164) I put a lot of things in my mouth that are dirty (and no, that wasn't meant to be sexual).

165) Oftentimes I make a fool out of myself to make my friends laugh.

166) I've eaten an acorn before.

167) I'm majoring in psychology.

168) I'm minoring in studio art.

169) I procrastinate...a lot.

170) I really really like goldschlagger.

171) I have a hatred for credit cards, yet I've never had one.

172) When I was in elementary school, and went to my friend, Amanda's, house, I'd always make her do laundry and then sit on the washer machine with her.

173) I haven't been in a hospital for myself since I was born. This is probably because I don't do anything...

174) I don't like chocolate.

175) Despite bleeding every month and eventually giving birth and all the other downsides to being a girl, I'm damn-glad I'm not male.

176) My name rhymes if you mispronounce it. Pier and Aja even managed to make it a song and dance to it.

177) I am currently chewing on the cord to my headphones.

178) I love jeans and stretchy pants.

179) I also have a thing for plaid pants, as I've had four or five different pairs. That's a lot considering I only have...not many pants.

180) I have a huge crush on Trent from Daria...which...most girls do, so I'm just another in the crowd.

181) My cousin is the cutest kid in the ENTIRE world..and I'm not just saying that..he really is.

182) When my brother calls me fat and hurts my self esteem!! Even if I know he's just kidding.

183) I don't believe in most medication and believe that most all problems can be solved naturally.

184) I don't understand how you can have sex in a car...I really don't.

185) I get really nervous and uncomfortable in hospitals.

186) I have a tendency to cry on the floor next to the refrigerator..I think the humming is comforting or something.

187) I sneeze real quiet. Most people can't even hear me!

188) I like to burp.

189) I like snorting altoids. I even stole a pestle and mortar from my school to crush them up. It feels really awesome...

190) I like some rap, but only because it reminds me of my brother and that makes me happy.

191) You know that gay kid, Nate, who was on American Idol? Yeah, I went to school with him and he's got to be the most annoying lil fucker out there...and needs to learn NOT TO TOUCH PEOPLE THAT DON'T WANNA BE TOUCHED!! Oh yeah, and he wore those pants to school, too.

192) My mom just told me she didn't have a shirt on..*cringe*

193) I absolutely LOVE it when Serj (SOAD) snorts in ddevil!! It makes me laugh every time.

194) I get real claustrophobic when people get too close to me. Maybe claustrophobic is the wrong word, but you get the drift. The only time this doesn't happen is at concerts..I dunno why.

195) I really like spikey hair.

196) I absolutely LOVE getting [snail] mail (hint hint).

197) Peanut butter and whipped cream on wheat bread is an AMAZING snack!

198) I can bake, but I can't cook.

199) I've never seen a real dildo.

200) Yes, my mother did actually drop me when I was a baby...multiple times too :(


Haha oh wasn't that lovely? I BET!! mmm..okay nitey nite now.

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