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Linky Dinks
2003-02-27 @ 2:53 p.m.

I decided it was time for a link page, because obviously if you're bored you need a place to go, right? So that's what I'm here for!! :)

Funny Stuff

Dolphin Sex - Just something for you to get off to :P ..if you're into that beastiality thing.

Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf - Really..need I say more??

Mullets Galore - Everyone go mullet hunting!! Who would seriously want their hair like that??

Ghori Dance - I love this!! I could listen to it for hours! Go watch!!

Papa Smurf is a Communist - For the REALLY bored people.. Indeed, he must be communist!!

Otogai World - Some funny flashes..probably even moreso when you're drunk/high.

Project Potato - Haha this actually made me wanna grow my own potatoe...hmm and reminded me of some people in high school :) (YODA KATHLEEN ROBBY!!)

Furniture Porn - For those who would rather see arm rests over breasts.

Yatta - Well of course you have to go see this if you haven't yet!! Give it time to's worth it!

GiggleStick - This site can get pretty funny, but there's definately not enough on there. GRAMPA GRUMBLE!!

Cry for Help - Here you can play with dead babies. I mean, really, what more could you ask for??

Church of Spork - Sporks are cool...always have been!

Zeebarf - I really don't know what to say..just go if you're curious.

Hampster Dance - Can't neglect the hampsters...

Bad Candy - Interesting and sometimes disgusting-sounding candy for your viewing (and perhaps tasting) pleasure!

Spam - I was a child brough up on SPAM..I have nothing against it and used to enjoy it. My tastes have changed but it's really not as disgusting as all of you think!!

Smelly Poop - Mmmm feces!

T-shirt Hell - This place has AMAZING shirts...and I want a million but probably lack the balls to actually wear them. And they never use my ideas so...:( oh well!!


Memento - I'm on the street team for this band. They're actually pretty good, but not what I usually listen to I don't think. I have lots more samplers if anyone wants some!

JohnDayvid - A personal friend and his music. GO DOWNLOAD!

Cold - Oh god, great band. Click the links at the bottom too cuz that'll get me points and you know you wanna make me happy!! :)

Crooked - Formerly NMSO4. I like their stuff, not many people have heard of them. So here I promote!

That's it for now. I'm not gonna put every band I like's link on here because that's stupid. If there are any other bands I can think of, I'll put them on here!

My Stuff

My Pictures - From when I was born until now, my friends and family, artwork I've scanned, weird pictures that I like, and other stuff.

Kinki's Dungeon - I made this webpage I don't know how many years ago. It's kinda ugly and all that, but go if you want I guess.

My Story - Again, something I made quite a few years ago. I never did finish it. I wrote it in one of my hyper moods and it makes no sense. Go read it if you want to lower your IQ!!

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